Food For Thought !

Cooking is not science, nor is it an art. Well, its not rocket science either ! Now that’s food for thought ( No pun intended )

Being one of the most essential necessities, cooking has now become a phenomenon where everyone wants to showcase their talent in a field which was once “male-dominated” but now girl power takes the cake too!

Alright so after my little zany introduction, its time to give all you beautiful women (and men) out there a gift of my alter ego, yes that’s right, cooking.  After a tiring day at the same old grind, it makes me think .. Do I even have the strength to go home and prepare a nice meal ? Well believe me, its a comfort I would love to drown in everyday because freshly prepared meals was a luxury growing up with a mother who shared the same passion as me, she is seriously a great mentor.

Mama ( As i fondly call her ) taught me how to cook since the age of 5, only after she saw the passion I had for reading and preparing different cuisines. I would read cookery books, even though I would not understand the fancy language in them and try to make something on my own .. Yes I was Five ! But all I ended up doing was breaking plates while climbing over the kitchen counter, splattering chocolate sauce trying to start the blender and nearly blowing up the microwave. Mama was not happy after coming back from work, well neither was I ! I couldn’t complete my dish !

Growing up was a treasure chest of knowledge. Being an Indian, I learnt how to prepare different masala’s (spices), curries, fries and most of all .. My favorite desserts ! Do not worry I will share it with you too. And believe me when I say this all the Dear men reading this, my Dada is an excellent cook too !

So as you read through my posts in this blog about one of my greatest passions, I hope you enjoy and also keep me updated just in case you try out any of the recipes I post !

Cheers !

L.P.G xx


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