Its National Breakfast Day !

Good Morning all you beautiful people !

So today is National Breakfast Day here in Dubai ( Well that’s what McDonalds told me ) and being one of the most essential meals to start off a great day, its time to serve up some yummy recipe from my box of goodies !

English breakfast has been quite a popular trend since it involves so many items on one plate to fill up your tummy for the whole day. I personally loved the concept not only because it had all my favourite food on it but also because it was healthy ( and a little fattening ).

For my recipe, I would leave out the black pudding which is traditionally served because its not very easily available where I live. Try this out at least once a week or even on weekends, I am sure you will love it 🙂

Shopping List for The English Breakfast :

  • 2 Breakfast Sausages ( Chicken/Beef Frankfurters would also do)
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 Hash Brown
  • 1 Tomato cut into half
  • 1 Tin of Baked Beans
  • 2 Streaky Bacon Rashers
  • 2 slices of Toasted Bread (Brown/White)
  • 6-7 pcs of Button Mushrooms
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Ketchup
  • Mixed Italian Herbs
  • Butter

Lets start of with first heating up a pan/grill, then you drizzle a little oil around it and pop in a tbsp of butter.

You can put a little oil on top of the tomato and throw in a pinch of salt, pepper and a generous amount of herbs and place it under a hot grill/oven with the heat emanating from the top.

Now in the pan first fry the Bacon until its nicely browned on both sides, take it off from the fire and next throw in the sausages. Keep tossing them until you see a little brown appearing on the skin and place it next to the bacon.

In a saucepan, heat up the baked beans and put in a dash of ketchup, a pinch of sugar and some salt and pepper to taste. It will give your normal tinned beans some zingy flavour 🙂

Next, remove the stalks from the mushrooms and wash them with a little flour. This is a trick that helps clean the mushrooms completely but do remember to wash off the flour completely. Toss them in the pan with a little butter, salt, pepper and Italian herbs and take it off the fire after 5 mins, just before it starts to weep out water.

Wipe the pan clean now. Break 2 eggs into a bowl and make sure the yolk is not runny, this would just mean the eggs are bad ! Heat up some oil and little butter and gently pour the eggs in the pan once its properly heated up and then sprinkle some salt and pepper. Make sure you are generous on the yolk as I love peppery yolk 😀 I would suggest cooking the eggs sunny side up, but incase you are allergic to raw egg then flip it over and cook it for around 2 minutes.

Last but not least do not forget to pop your bread in the oven for some nice yummy toast ! spread some butter on it once its done and watch it melt .. Believe me its a sight !


So that was my quick recipe for some yummy English Breakfast that is sure to make your day ! And since I love surprises and I am sure you do too, I am going to throw in a recipe for the perfect scrambled eggs !

All you need is 2 eggs, milk/cream, butter, salt and pepper. In a bowl, first add the eggs and whip them till its nice and frothy then add the milk or cream slowly while you are whipping with a tbsp of melted butter and salt and pepper to taste. Heat up some oil in a pan and add the mixture gently, stirring it while you do so. Keep cutting through the mixture and making little circles to ensure your eggs get scrambled and after 2 mins of cooking, serve it with some buttered toast !

I hope you try out this recipe and as I always say do not forget to let me know 🙂 Oh and do not forget your cup of freshly brewed coffee and a glass of orange juice to go with it !

Cheers !

L.P.G xx


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